Stefan Diller - Photographer:

Born in the upper Frankenland city of Kronach, actually 487 years after Lucas Cranach the Elder - the most famous son of this little town...

After a general school education, he graduated from high school and studied photo-technology at the Bavarian State College for Photography between 1979-81.

Returning to Kronach, he began working as a photographer and journalist. In 1981 he became fascinated with St. Francis and the art treasures of Assisi and Giotto. This led to a love for fine art and art history.

He spent the closing months of 1982 in Assisi, where he began to document the irreplaceable frescoes of the church of St. Francis with the support of the Franciscan monks, especially Pater Gerhard Ruf OFM Conv. Through successive visits to Assisi he was able to finish an almost complete photo-documentation of the frescoes, work that was published by Hirmer of Munich in 1985 "San Francesco und ihre Wandmalereien", text written by Joachim Poeschke. Diller's photo-documentation "San Francesco in Assisi" was also exhibited in various evangelical church conventions.

In 1984, Diller opened a small gallery in Kronach and, after completing a Master's course he extended the gallery activities with a photo lab for black and white and color work.

In 1990, he closed the Kronach lab and moved to Obereisenheim, a small wine-producing village near Würzburg.

In 1993, Diller made his privat pilot licence and started aerial photography of towns and villages.

1994 saw the opening of his new laboratory for scientific photography, especially electron microscopy.

In 1996, he was invited to join the German Society for Photography (DGPh), followed in 1997 by the Fine Art Photography group GRUPPE V.

1999 saw another move, with his family, to Würzburg, where he opened a laboratory for black and white and scientific photography.

In 2000 he started working on his project of digitizing his archive and the archive of Padre Gerhard Ruf OFM, Sacro Convento di San Francesco, Assisi.


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