If you are not able to resolve the files in our picture database, we offer you a high-end scan service. We scan your individual crops at a file size you need (up to 400 MB).

This service is only available for ektachromes in our archive at Wuerzburg, Germany (look for picture-ID starting with "SD..."). Rescanning Ektachromes in the standard ASSISI archive (starting with "GR...") requires more time and naturally, will cost more.

For these high-end scans, we use a SCITEX flatbed-scanner up to 5270 dpi for originals up to 12 x 16 inch. Please note the original size of the Ektachromes, listed under the detailed preview, when considering rescanning or cropping the picture.

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Feel free to contact us if you need scans for special publishing projects, picture databases and other purposes. Our prices are very reasonable. Visit our website www.masterscans.com.


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