Terms and conditions of Sale:

Use of the pictures in the archives "ASSISI.DE" is subject to charges, which should be arranged and paid for before usage. Exceptions only apply within the Franciscon Order and for approved press photos. The reference source "© 1982-2001 ASSISI.DE - photographer" or "© 1982-2001 ASSISI.DE" is required for every published picture. The first year has to be the earliest year which appears in the copyright note of the used pictures and the last year - as far as provided - which appears last. With the purchase of the files you have the non- exclusive and non-transferable right to simultaneously store on a computer and with a user the pictures made available to you via email, data carrier or FTP - Account , the pictures deriving from them, or their copies.

A copy or modification of the material is only allowed under the following conditions:

1- The use of the pictures and their storage on a data carrier is only allowed for the intended purposes provided by you at time of purchase.

2- All offers, deliveries and the allocation of usufruct apply subject to change without notice and non exclusively to the following terms of business. Deviating general terms and conditions of the customer which are referred to in order forms or confirmation of delivery are hereby contradicted. Every other agreement must be in writing.

3- Court of jurisdiction is, as far as permitted, Würzburg. The Law of the Federal Republic of Germany also applies to deliveries abroad.

4- Intended use: The use of pictures in digital or printed form is allowed for advertisements, marketing, essays or for magazine and book illustrations. This permission is only valid with the assurance from you that they will not distribute or market either single or collected copies of the pictures when they are not an integral part of the product. You also must assure that the pictures that the pictures will not be used in a product or data bank which is similar to or in competition with the data carrier or business purpose of ASSISSI.DE. The use of the pictures in Internet or on CD-ROM is only licensed for one picture in one place or in one connection. Each further use requires a further licence. The preview pictures marked with the copyright symbol may only be used free of charge on own web site when a link is established whereby a click leads to the Homepage of ASSISI.DE. The use of the pictures is only permitted with a submission of the exact description of intended use at time of ordering. Each further use of the pictures and material reached under ASSISI.DE which is not explicitly outlined or described or agreed upon in the terms of the licence agreement at the time of ordering requires written permission of ASSISI.DE.

5- Use of the picture material for extreme political or racist purposes, or in a discriminatory fashion or in connection with pornography or portrayal of violence is strictly forbidden.

6- Guarantee: ASSISI.DE herewith assures that the pictures offered are free from exclusive rights of third party as far as this is not otherwise noted and that ASSISI.DE has the right to grant a licence of use.

7- Liability disqualification: ASSISI.DE and their suppliers bear no responsibility either explicit or implicit for the results of use of the available pictures. No liability is held for the pictures meeting or attaining a certain purpose or goal. Under no circumstances is ASSISI.DE liable for direct or indirect harm, loss or damage which you or a third party suffer as a result of the use of the pictures. This also applies to any absence of profits or savings even when ASSISI.DE has not been made aware of such dangers. Certain states and precedents do not allow the exception of inadvertent, deliberate or particular loss, damage or harm . In this case the aforementioned liability disqualification only applies for you in the points not affected.

8- With the purchase and use of the pictures from ASSISI.DE you declare yourself to be in agreement with the conditions outlined in the above licence agreement. Should this not be the case you must immediately delete or return all copies of the pictures and stop using them.

9- Infringement of the licence agreement by you may lead to legal rights and entitlements being enforced. ASSISI.DE retains all legal rights not covered by this agreement. The pictures provided are exclusively licensed for you. They may not be sold, rented, loaned or otherwise made available to third parties without prior written permission from ASSISI.DE. The licence agreement expires automatically the moment you violate the agreement even when you have not been informed by ASSISI.DE. In this case you are obliged to destroy all copies of the pictures and to cease with further use of material provided.

Reference Source:
The publication of our pictures without the appropriate reference source/agency note , e.g. Photo: "ASSISI.DE - photographer" is inadmissible. In the case of omission an extra 100 % will be charged to the appropriate fee. Also for the duplications, drawn due to technical reasons (lithographs, electronic drawings) It is also necessary to accord the appropriate assignment of the photo source. At publication the named author or owner provided with the photo material must be given.

Würzburg, April 2001


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