Rule of exception for the use of the available pictures in the archives of ASSISI.DE. for interests of the Franciscan order:

The general terms and conditions of sale apply as well as the following exceptions:
1- For the interests of the Franciscan order in the context of magazines, books and other publications, the available picture material may be used free of charge up to a maximum data size "SMALL" (1500 pixel of the longest picture border), or for bigger projects with reimbursement of the administration and transmittal costs. Larger illustrations (high end data size up to 140 MB RGB, printable to DIN A2 with 355 dpi) will be sent on CD-ROM at a special price. The data can also be called up from our FTP-Server.

2- To enjoy these benefits please send an email or a fax under the number ++49 931 784 8701 to Stefan Diller - ASSISI.DE and present your project with details of the required picture material as well as the type of publication and the circulation.


Basic conditions for this use of the picture data is the forwarding of a copy of the publication to : ASSISI.DE c/o Stefan Diller, Arndtstrasse 22 D-97072 Würzburg Germany as well as to Sacro Convento di San Francesco - Biblioteca I- 06082 Assisi (PG) - Italy.


If the copy has not been received within four weeks after publication the use of the picture material will be charged at the normal price.


The picture data given to you within the terms of this special agreement are exclusively licensed for the purposes stated you. You may not provide to third parties or publish for any other reasons than those provided without further queries to and release by ASSISI.DE. Non-observance of this agreement will result in legal consequences.

6- Reference source: Publication of the pictures without the appropriate notation of the reference source or agency note on each single picture e.g. "Photo: "ASSISI.DE- Photographer" is inadmissible. In the case of omission the appropriate fee will be charged. Also for the duplications, drawn due to technical reasons (lithographs, electronic drawings) it is also necessary to accord the appropriate assignment of the photo source. At publication the named author or owner provided with the photo material must be given.

7- With the purchase or receipt of, and use of the pictures from ASSISI.DE. you declare yourself to be in agreement with the conditions outlined in the above licence agreement. Should this not be the case you must immediately delete or return all copies of the pictures and cease to use them.

Würzburg, April 2001


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