ASSISI.DE was established by the photographer Stefan Diller in 1999 in Würzburg. During the years 1982 to 2004 Stefan Diller added the most important frescos from the San Francesco. Some of his images are still waiting to be digitalised.

Special thanks go to Pater Gerhard Ruf OFM Conv. based in Assisi who was always happy to help and discuss any problems. The photo material from his archives is presently being added into this archive.

Due to an agreement with Pater Gerhard Ruf OFM Conv. from the Sacro Convento di San Francesco, use of the available material in the archives is possible, free of charge or with a contribution towards the expenses, to enquirers coming from the sphere of the Order. To avail of this, contact us and your project or intended use should be presented. After registration (which you can do in advance) you will receive free "credits" on your download account and you can retrieve your pictures.

Would you like to list some of your own photo material in our archives? Please contact


Due to the extent of the work which is necessary we are still looking for fellow workers, preferably from the Order, to help with the photo editing, collection of data and translation of ASSISI.DE into the English and Italian version.


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